Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wild New Years Party

I know not all of you could make it this year so I'll just fill you in on what went down at the AMAZING new years party at my place.  WARNING!!!  IT WAS AN AWESOME PARTY!!!

Tim made a "jube-jube tea".  Siiiiiiiiiiiiick!

During the 10 second countdown to new years Jeff acted like he was drunk (he couldn't drink that night because he had to be in at work the next morning).

Megan did a little dance.

Alison went home early because she's manic depressive.

Martin put on a bunch of my after shave and kissed my girlfriend in the dark.

Somebody smashed my toilet and carved a little swastika in the corner of my mirror.  Same person?    

The corner of my bedroom carpet was ripped up (looks intentional).  

All of my mugs were stolen even though I hid them in my attic before everybody arrived.  This is especially annoying because I specifically hid them so this wouldn't happen.

Somebody wrote the "F" word on the playing surfaces of all my DVD's except for "Fight Club" and "Seven" which they simply stole.

My car was jokingly blown up by some guys I didn't invite.

My dog got scared by the explosion and attacked my flatscreen TV I just bought myself for Christmas.  Damage not covered by warranty.  

A body outline was painted on my bed sheets in the exact spot where I sleep every night.  Right next to the outline was a bunch of empty bottles of "uppers" and "downers" and a fake suicide note supposedly written by me.  Ha ha you guys.  Very funny.

My shampoo bottle was filled with Anti-freeze and my conditioner bottle with bleach.  

My garage door has a half dozen bullet holes in it, which doesn't matter much since it was also bent in half and ripped off its hinges.  

All the remaining pages of my Autograph Book were supposedly signed by Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain. 


  1. We are related. I knew it!

    (Your dad's cousin Vickie... LOL)

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