Thursday, October 29, 2009


They sure don't make things like they did in the 80's, do they? See how many of these 80's trends you remember, then make them define your personality.

-Jeans With Shit Stains On The Knees

-Cutting The Heel Out Of Your Converse And Wearing Them Backwards 

-Having A Family Of Rats Living On You.  (Especially Cool If The Mother Rat Gave  Birth In Your Mouth While You Sang "Shake The Disease")

-Miniature Polo Shirts For Coke Cans

-Soaking Nerds Candy UPC Labels Then Rubbing Them On Your Skin Like Tattoos 

-Displaying A Little Scrunched Bit Of Your Underwear Sticking Out Of And  Caught In Your  Pants Fly

-Slap On Priest Collars

-Walking Around With A Big Box Of Cereal On Your Shoulder

-Gelling Your Hair Into A Bowl Shape And Filling It With New Coke

-Giving Mixed Tapes Full Of Shitty Music To Kids You Hated

-Business Men Getting Into A Small Washroom Stall Together And Power Smelling Scratch 'n Sniff Stickers

-Dead Language Jokes:  What's Not Spoken Anymore And Knocks On Glass?  Biblical Hebrew In The Microwave

-Dad Baby Jokes:  Why Did The One Year Old Father Of Two Cross The Street?  We'll Probably Have To Wait Around Six Months To Ask Him, And Even Then...

-Wearing Your Bra On Top Of Your Clothes Then Hanging Your Breasts On Top Of The Bra But Having Another Bra Worn On Your Breasts Then Covering It All Up With A Baggy Sweater

-Couples Walking With Their Hands In Each Other's Bank Accounts

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