Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey, how's it going?  Why don't I just die?  The reason is so I can tell you about my recent exploits.

A couple days ago I did a favor for my Priest friend and filled in for him in the confessional booth while he went up north to a lake where "fuckin' nobody is around and you can just run around with no pants."  Anyway, I wrote down a bunch of the confessions I heard that day and am now going to break several levels of trust by showing you my favorites.  Bon appetit!

"I sold my wife a fake watch."

"I made my desktop wallpaper an image of marijuana."

"I transcribed an Adam Sandler sketch from his first CD and showed it to a guy at work."

"I smashed my friend's time machine out of jealousy."

"Lately my neighbor's been getting on my nerves so I threw a lightbulb at his window because I knew it would scare him but it wouldn't break his window."

"The guy at the Variety Store didn't notice I had brought up a pack of Twizzlers with a V8 fusion and only charged me for the fusion and I didn't correct him."

"I wrote the F word on a competitor's Go-Kart wheel."

"I took a french course for a full year because I had a crush on a married woman.  Where did I think it could go?  So stupid.  And she told me as much."

"I refer to my kids as "trolls" to all my friends."

"Whenever I get in a fight with my daughter I always call up my Dad and tell him that I wish he was never born so that I was never born so that my daughter was never born."  

"I hid up in a tree and yelled out "conformist" to everybody who walked by."

"At SEARS this weekend I put my phone number in all the women's jean's pockets that were in the size of the kind of woman I would like to meet."

"Even though I'm 36, this past Christmas eve I stayed up all night just to see once and for all that Santa doesn't exist.  I mean, I know he doesn't exist but just to make FOR SURE for sure.  Otherwise I'm just taking other people's word on it and to me that doesn't sound very scientific."

"I fired a gun at a cloud and accidentally killed a hang glider."

"I told a police officer I was speeding because I had diarrhea and he let me go, but the real reason was there was no reason."


  1. Sometimes I interrupt my cat, Ruth, while she's washing her little face and I try to make her wash my face instead even though I know it irritates her.

    I know you're not a real priest, but it makes me feel better to have told you this.

  2. Meredith,
    three hail Mary's, one Our Father and reflect upon God's goodness. Bless you.

  3. aaron: these made me laugh on the inside but just because nobody is here right now except b.b. and it scares her when one lone person laughs loudly. but i think these are really super funny.

    -robyn, not kris

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