Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Comments On My Blog I Have Deleted

"If I were you I'd stand in front of the mirror naked and laugh for all eternity."

"You want to know why nobody reads your blog?  Not me.  I don't want to know anything about you."

"After I read this I thought to myself "What would I write in the comments section under this post if a guy jumped out of  my laundry hamper and put a gun to my head and said I had to?"  Guess what happened right after I thought that?"

"Do people even bother to leave comments for you at all?  I wouldn't."

"Webster's Dictionary defines a comment as : a celestial body that appears as a fuzzy head usually surrounding a bright nucleus, that has a usually highly eccentric orbit, that consists primarily of ice and dust, and that often develops one or more long tails when near the sun.  So how exactly would I leave one of those, stupid?"

"When you click on enough links from porn sites the trail always leads to this blog."

"Of all the stupid, worthless blogs I've read this one was the best.  I still hated it though.  Good job.  Idiot.  Ha ha.  But really.  Keep it up.  And die."

"I had my dog sniff my computer screen when your blog was up then I set him loose at the side of the highway.  He's coming for you asshole!"  -Duke Basil Worthington of Nottingham, England

"Oh cool, you're dumb."

"You know what would be better than your blog jokes?  What I'm writing right now which isn't even a joke.  Why don't you just post this?"

"This blog is the kind of thing they would eat or have crawl all over them on Fear Factor."

"Don't quit your jay dob."  -Jay Dob

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